Acid / Alkaline Chart

The most important metabolic function that our bodies perform is maintaining a specific pH which is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. The average all-American diet consists of 80% acid forming foods. This diet robs the body of electrolyte minerals by pulling these minerals from our organs. These acids deplete the weakest organs first. When all areas have become depleted the immune system is compromised and the body’s ability to fight off bacterial and viral infections is weakened. Thus, an acid environment feeds disease in the body. This is not an issue when we are young because our bodies have the ability to naturally maintain a balanced pH. But as adults, our natural ability to maintain balance is decreased. By changing our diet for the whole family, we can assist in keeping pH levels at their optimum thus aiding all the body systems to function as intended.

The following Acid/Alkaline chart is provided to help you with making food choices that will elevate your level of health:

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