B-Complex 120 tabs


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● High potency B vitamins

● Yeast free

● Water soluble

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  • What is Vitamin B?

    There are many classifications of vitamin B, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B12. Each

    type offers different benefits to the human body and every single B vitamin is considered

    essential. As such, deficiencies can result in a variety of health concerns. Using vitamin B

    supplements is a common way of providing the body with an extra boost of b-complex vitamins.

    And because B vitamins are water soluble, excess amounts are dispelled from the body

    naturally. As a plus, New Sun’s B-Complex capsules are also yeast free.

    Benefits of Vitamin B Complex

    The following are some examples of B vitamins and their associated health benefits:

    ● Vitamin B1: Also called thiamine, B1 is associated with benefiting the digestive, immune,

    and nervous systems.

    ● Vitamin B2: Riboflavin is the common name for vitamin B2. B2 is linked with supporting

    energy levels, skin and hair, and muscles and joints.

    ● Vitamin B3: B3 is also referred to as niacin. It contributes to the health of the

    cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

    ● Vitamin B6: The list of vitamin B6 benefits is very long!. Research suggests B6 can

    support heart health, cognitive function, immunity, and much more.

    ● Vitamin B12: The use of vitamin B12 supplements is becoming increasingly more

    common because of B12 deficiency. Appropriate levels of B12 support critical functions

    of the human body, including those of the brain, heart, adrenals, and immune system.

    Questions regarding Vitamin B Supplements?

    If you have any questions regarding B-complex or our other vitamin supplements, give us a call

    at 1-800-544-0777.

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B-Complex 120 tabs

B-Complex 120 tabs

● High potency B vitamins

● Yeast free

● Water soluble


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