Para-CL - Cleansing 100 Caps


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● Herbal blend

● Natural detoxification

● Easy to digest and assimilate

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  • Para-CL for a Healthy Body Cleanse

    Para-CL is an herbal body cleansing supplement that combines black walnut leaves and hulls, a

    special blend of cloves, papaya fruit, slippery elm, and other natural ingredients. The finished

    product is easy for your body to digest and assimilate for cleansing.

    The Benefits of Para-CL

    The ingredients found in Para-CL are known for the following health benefits:

    ● Reduction of parasitic infestations: Historically, black walnut has been used to reduce or

    treat infestations of parasites in the human body.

    ● Digestive balance: Wormwood is known for calming an upset stomach and other

    intestinal disturbances.

    ● Respiratory cleansing: Elecampane contains properties that loosen mucus in the lungs;

    thus expelling toxins and pollutants found therein.

    Note: We suggest refraining from Para-CL for three months (or more depending on your

    circumstance) following the use of 3 bottles.

    Complementary Cleansing Products

    Using Para-CL alongside Absolute Cleanse is an ideal combination for a complete body


    Have Questions?

    New Sun’s customer service department is available at 1-800-544-0777 to answer your

    questions regarding Para-CL or our other natural health supplements.

  • Wormwood (herb), Black Walnut (hulls), Male Fern (rhizome), Quassia (bark), Clove (bud), Papaya (fruit), Slippery Elm (bark), Elecampane (root) and Garlic (bulbs)
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Para-CL - Cleansing 100 Caps

Para-CL - Cleansing 100 Caps

● Herbal blend

● Natural detoxification

● Easy to digest and assimilate


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